Monday, 3 October 2016

Kristina Moreale - MA Show

3D printing is our future. Someday we may be able to print whole body parts and organs. The medical industry has incredible possibilities concerning 3D printing. 

That is exactly why I want to draw people’s attention to this specific topic. My goal is to create a company that prints organs and sells them. Assuming that it is already possible to print every organ or body part, my project includes the corporate design and advertisement campaign for the products. The target audience will be everyday people who enjoy their lives and worry about nothing. The campaign will consider, for example, smokers who may someday need a new lung, alcohol consumers who may need a new liver or athletes who can get a bigger heart instead of doping. The aim of this project is that people start thinking about the morals and values of living well as well as possibilities for our future.

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