Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Daniel Unger - MA Show

I became to realize that everybody‘s perception of reality was altered by their past experiences. For my MA project, I attempted to capture different viewpoints and perceptions into one book. 

By using a set of diffe­rent techniques, the viewer can read the book in more than one way, thus giving him/her a different experience and perception. The objective is to create a fully illustrated book and incorporating different techniques, such as coloured glasses, to view different parts of the book. Each illustration comprises two layers, which are painted on top of each other each in one solid colour. By using the coloured glasses, the viewer can then view one illustration and subsequently block out the other. With the help of the coloured glasses as a new form of viewing technique and by using different media, such as drawings and animations, I will try to explain the viewer the concept of different perceptions and how people might experience reality.

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