Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Felix Schneider - MA Show

Most people are not aware what amount of damage is caused by their everyday lifestyles to the planet in many different ways. Rainforests are destroyed, the air is polluted, water contaminated and hundreds of millions of animals are being tortured and killed every day just to gratify our desire to eat meat. 
During my Master’s studies I became vegan. Supermarkets, food stores and the health industry have started to think differently and do now offer more alternative products than ever before. The problem is that most vegan products taste like vegetable broth and are overpriced. I want to offer inexpensive and tasty vegan products – mostly homemade to show the meat and dairy eaters that you can live a better and more sustainable life without having to give up delicious food. My concept is about a food store which attracts people from the ages of 20-30 and especially those who normally avoid vegan food. 

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